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Our speciality is in the decision making and development process for maximum investment return.


Our core business for our residential services is the development of real estate. Identification, purchase, re-platting, design, permitting and construction comprise our foundation of the company. 



Market surveys and analysis of value are essential tools in both the purchase and sale of real estate. Our formulas will help guide our clients to make the best decisions possible.

​Construction Management


Our construction management team has the knowledge and experience to tackle any size job. We can help from routine maintenance items and can take it all the way to large multi-tenant residential or commercial office building contruction.


Past jobs include full residential & office remodels, painting, building additions, new construction (in a multi tenant structure), new free standing building construction, server rooms and wiring, etc. 

Redevelopment Projects


Repurposing real estate is the most satisfying work we do. Bringing life back to properties and making what was once a blighted site vibrant again is essence of our vision. Our experienced team will help plan and execute the project beginning to end. Legal, zoning, architecture, engineering, utiltity and governmental approvals, construction and sales fall under our umbrella of expertise.

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