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Medical reimbursements are down, so every dollar saved is critical in contributing to a sucessful practice and ultimately a better return to the medical professional. Our vision and goal is to use our experience to make your real estate operate at its maximum effciency. Location, design, size and whether to lease or own are decisions we will assist you with along the way. Parking, equipment, EHR software, office hours and staffing are areas of your practice we understand and will use in our analysis of your real estate needs and wants. 

Site Selection


Location is everything is a phrase well known in describing real estate. We apply additional layers to the analysis that are essential to the medical field; demographics, ease of egress, proximity to hospitals and highways, expandability and adaptability.

Tenant Representation


We are your advocate on all matters concerning negotiating new leases, sub-leasing, lease renewals, office relocations, office expansions and lease administration.

Lease/Purchase Analysis & Financing Options


Our decision matrix will show you the pros and cons of leasing versus owning your real estate and our lending contacts will make the process easy and quick to implement the plan.

​Space Planning & Operations Management


Every dollar counts and time is money; two long standing statements which in the world of declining reimbursements are important today. Similar to manufacturing consulting, we study patient flow and office operations and apply our industry experience to help the efficiency of daily office functions. 

Fee Development


Already have a goal or plan for your ideal building? Our team will take your plans and execute them through the beginning to end, leaving you a turn-key product. Legal, zoning, architecture, engineering, utiltity and governmental approvals, construction and relocation services fall under our umbrella of services.

​Construction Management


Our construction management team has the knowledge and experience to tackle any size job. We can help from routine maintenance items and can take it all the way to large multi-tenant medical office building contruction.


Past jobs include full office remodels, painting, building additions, new construction (in a multi tenant structure), new free standing building construction, server rooms and wiring, etc. 

Strategy & Organization

We have helped many clients on restructuring the organization and the decision to sell to a 3rd party or keep ownership of your practice. We consult on work flow and how it pertains to the number of employees and the real estate essentials to support the operations.

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